Recently Funded

Recently Funded: $500,000, Commercial Offices in Ashburn, VA

The borrower owns two commercial office buildings. The prior loan was nearing the end of its term. We were able …read more »

Recently Funded: $500,000, Residential Rentals in Melbourne Beach, FL

The borrower needed cash quickly for a business opportunity. We were able to pull cash out of two residential rental …read more »

Recently Funded: $720,000, Multifamily in Louisville, CO

The borrower needed to pull cash out to pay off a rehab loan. This will allow the borrower to increase …read more »

Recently Funded: $1,042,000, Multifamily in Anchorage, AK

The borrower owns two multifamily properties and needed a cash-out refinance. We were able to close on time. This allowed …read more »

Recently Funded: $400,000, Multifamily in Washington, DC

The borrower owns a multifamily property and was seeking a lower-rate, long-term loan. We were able to reduce his interest …read more »

Recently Funded: $240,000 Bridge Loan, Multifamily Purchase in Gary, IN

The borrower was interested in acquiring a multifamily property.  She came to us after being declined by other lenders because …read more »

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