Recently Funded

Recently Funded: $3,750,000, Light Industrial Purchase, FL

Borrowers were purchasing a light industrial property with half a dozen tenants. The seller owned the real estate and also …read more »

Recently Funded: $1,260,000, Refinance of Vacant Warehouse, MI

Our borrower had purchased a warehouse using seller financing. The property was vacant and the seller wanted out from under …read more »

Recently Funded: $1,975,000, Adaptive Re-Use, Tampa, FL

Borrower purchased a vacant retail mall in Tampa, FL to convert to church use of all buildings. Borrower renovated the …read more »

Recently Funded: $935,000, Multifamily Purchase, Myrtle Beach, SC 

This was a “problem” loan, through no fault of the borrower. The seller of the property was unwilling to provide …read more »

Recently Funded: $480,000, Multifamily Refinance, Washington, DC

The borrower’s previous note was maturing, and Borrower was seeking a cash-out refinance. Borrower successfully pulled out cash that could …read more »

Recently Funded: $1,327,000, Combined Small Balance Residential Rental Loans

Residential rental property owners continue to see increased values despite economic hardships in other sectors. Boulder Equity Partners can offer …read more »

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