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Recently Funded: $750,000, Mixed Use, Kansas City, MO

The borrower was purchasing a mixed-use residential and commercial property. The commercial unit was vacant, which would have led to …read more »

Recently Funded: $3,000,000, Light Industrial Refinance and Purchase, Kansas and Missouri

The borrower was selling a light industrial property in Kansas and intended to use the proceeds to purchase a different …read more »

Recently Funded: $3,000,000, Residential Rental Portfolio, Kentucky

Borrower owns 23 single-family rental residences. The properties increased in value over the past two years. After securing a cash-out …read more »

Recently Funded: $1,350,000, Cannabis Dispensary, California

The borrower had a high-interest bridge loan on a cannabis dispensary and needed to get out from under the oppressive …read more »

Recently Funded: $1,690,000, Mixed Use, New York City

The borrower’s existing loan was about to expire and he needed to refinance an urban, mixed use property. The commercial …read more »

Recently Funded: $540,000, Medical Office, Aurora, IL

The Borrower needed to refinance a loan that was approaching the end of its term. The bank holding the loan …read more »

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