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Recently Funded: $378,000, Single-Family Rentals, Daytona Beach, FL

The borrower refinanced three single-family rentals in Daytona Beach and pulled out cash to purchase more rental properties. Cash-out refinance …read more »

Recently Funded: $675,000, Light Industrial Warehouse, Wisconsin

The borrower refinanced a light industrial property, pullng cash out to invest in his business. When money from a cash-out …read more »

Recently Funded: $200,000, Triplex in Chicago

Borrower wanted to purchase a dry cleaner and convert it into a daycare, which is a very difficult loan to …read more »

Recently Funded: 3 Single-Family Purchases, Kansas City, KS

This borrower is an existing client. We previously refinanced her rental portfolio in Kansas City, KS providing $500,000 cash-out for …read more »

Recently Funded: $190,000, Single-Family Rental in Odenton, MD

Our borrower had a private money loan on her townhome rental. She needed to pay off her current lender and …read more »

Recently Funded: $1,897,000, Office and Retail in Decatur and Lithonia, GA

The borrower’s construction loan had matured. Despite a maturity default, we were able to provide a permanent loan with a …read more »

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