Boulder Equity Partners Launches New Loan Program for Short-Term Rentals

The popularity of short-term rental investment properties continues to grow. Boulder Equity Partners has launched a new program specifically designed for these lucrative investments.

We’ve combined our 30-year fixed rate mortgage program with more flexible processes and STR-friendly underwriting. That allows us to set the stage to get short-term rental loans quickly over the finish line to funding.

Key highlights:

  • 100% of AirDNA projected revenue for “professionally” qualified borrowers
  • 75% of AirDNA projected revenue for non-professionally qualified borrowers
  • 100% of trailing performance revenue for refinances
  • Properties 1 to 8 units in size
  • Rates 6% – 7.5%
  • Loan Amounts from $150k – $3.5MM
  • DSCR all the way down to 0.75% for purchase or rate/term and 1.0 for cash out
  • 30-year term, 30-year amortization or 10-year Interest Only
  • LTV up to 80% for purchases and 75% for cash out refinance
  • Lending nationwide except ND, SD, NV, and UT
  • Dedicated vacation rental towns and typical market areas
  • No STR license verification
  • Cash flow calculated on gross revenue (no consideration of management or cleaning expenses)

Boulder Equity Partners is a nationwide lender for commercial real estate loans. We offer a wide range of loan programs, including long-term financing and bridge loans, coupled with experience and expertise needed to fund deals other lenders can’t.