BEP Launches LifeCo Low-Interest Loan Program

Boulder Equity Partners LLC has launched a new LifeCo program, a low-interest, long-term loan for highly qualified borrowers. This loan …read more »

Recently Funded: $36,000,000, Multifamily Purchase, St. Louis, Missouri

Our highly experienced borrower had a $50MM purchase contract on a 600-unit multifamily property in St. Louis, Missouri. The existing …read more »

Low-Interest Loans Maturing in High-Interest Environment

Industry experts are predicting over $160 Billion of CMBS loans will mature this year. That figure does not include any …read more »

BEP Sees High Demand for Quick-Close Bridge Loans

A record number of maturing loans, high rates on perm loans, and a desire for flexibility are fueling a rise …read more »

Swimming Upstream: How to Reposition an Unsuccessful Loan Request

Many borrowers today who are shopping for commercial real estate loans are getting a reality check. Some are facing maturity …read more »

Perm vs. Bridge Loan: Helping Borrowers Pick a Lane

An article by BEP’s President Dan Page is published in the December 2022 Scotsman Guide Magazine, Commercial Edition. In this …read more »

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