How I Grew My Income by 300% in 8 Months and You Can Too

Dear Friend,

I have funded well over $1 Billion in loans. As big as that number is… my loan volume has grown by 300% in 2022, and continues growing to new heights, at the same time that many lenders are shutting their doors.


Because I continuously invest in myself, learning new tools, seeking new mentors to help me in my journey to be ever more successful.

I want to help you to achieve the same level of success that I have. And I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

You see, a couple years ago I met a man by name of Darren Hardy when he spoke at the Mortgage Originator’s conference in Las Vegas. For the past 25 years, Darren has been the central curator of the success media business, including three television networks and the founding publisher of SUCCESS Magazine. This unprecedented access has allowed Darren to intimately get to know the most successful businesspeople in the world, distilling the “secrets” to their stratospheric success.

Darren has been the personal advisor to 1000’s of CEOs throughout the world. Years ago when he was taking personal clients, his fee was six figures plus 10% of any sales increase. Darren no longer takes personal clients, but he does teach a “Business Master Class” to some of the top businesspeople worldwide. Attendees spend $25k to attend the 3-day Business Master Class in person.

During the pandemic, Darren moved the Business Master Class to a Virtual Live Event. The fee is $9,000 to attend. I participated in the Business Master Class last spring and again in the fall. The strategies and tools I learned are directly responsible for me growing my loan volume by 300% in the first 8 months of 2022. My goal is to grow it 500% by end of 2022.

The Next Business Master Class is October 19th – 21st, 2022.

I am so committed to helping you grow your business I have spent $135,000 to purchase 15 tickets to Darren’s Business Master Class for my top brokers.

This is not for everyone…but it can be for you if you are willing to take action.


  • If you refer a borrower to me with a minimum loan amount of $2.5MM and they take action by executing a term sheet with me and sending in their deposit for appraisal and 3rd party reports by October 14th, I will buy you a ticket to Darren Hardy’s Business Master Class so you can enjoy the same stratospheric growth that I am.

But It Gets Better.

  • If you refer any combination of borrowers to me (that take action, executed term sheet, deposit received) with combined loan amounts of $5MM or more, I will buy you TWO tickets. You can use them for yourself, give them to your borrowers, or however you see fit.

This is not only for your larger clients. Any combination of borrowers you refer that exceed $2.5MM of overall loan requests that meet the criteria will qualify you for a ticket to the show.

My staff and I are willing to help you however we can to get your spot at Darren’s Business Master Class.

  • Personal Meeting With Your Borrower: I am willing to do a 15 minute personal meeting with your clients to help you sell them on funding with us. My only request is for you to get my “Property Questions” answered ahead of time so we both know they are prequalified, before setting that meeting time. (feel free to request the “Property Questions” if you do not already have a copy)
  • Marketing Copy: Do you have a list of prospects and clients? If so, I will provide you with professionally written marketing copy that you can email to your list and incentivize them to respond and take action
  • Personal Zoom Meetings: If you qualify to attend Darren’s Business Master Class by getting at least $2.5MM of loan volume in the door, I will invite you to a private meeting with other elite brokers just like you, where we will brainstorm and share ideas about how to hit your goals and grow your business.


Click the link below to watch a short video from Darren about his Business Master Class

So… What are you waiting for?

You have 30 days to make this happen and reap the benefits of the most powerful business growth event you will likely ever attend.

This has the potential to be life changing for you, your loved ones and your entire future.

So let’s get to work together and make it happen!

Warm wishes,

Dan Page
Boulder Equity Partners LLC