Cannabis Funding Program

Boulder Equity Partners is actively funding properties that are used for Cannabis purposes.

Here is an overview of our Cannabis program:

  • Loan amounts from $750,000 – $8,000,000
  • 6.49% principle/interest loan, 25-year amortization
  • 3% Origination, paid from loan proceeds at closing
  • 5-, 7- or 10-year term
  • Property Types: Retail (Dispensary), Warehouse/Light Industrial (Cultivation, Processing, etc.)
  • Owner Occupied or Leased to third parties OK
  • Purchase, Cash Out or Rate Reduction (paying off existing high interest rate loans) all OK
  • Must be generating sufficient Net Income to qualify for the loan (sorry…no pre-revenue businesses)
  • Properties must be in or near major metropolitan areas (sorry, no farms or rural properties)

Our Process:

  1. Pre-Submission Review: We collect the basic, underlying information, gathered from our “Property Questions” document, and do a high-level analysis to determine if there is a fit. If the fit appears to be there, we generate a Conditional Loan Commitment.
  2. Pre-Underwrite: If the loan request appears to have legs, we collect documents to pre-underwrite the loan (application, financials, leases, credit authorization, etc.). At this point, we are investing real time and money into the loan request, doing a thorough front-end analysis. If all looks good, we generate a formal Letter of Intent (LOI).
  3. LOI and Processing: When a Letter of Intent is generated, we have already pre-approved the loan all the way up the ladder. When we receive the executed LOI back from the borrower, their Deposit is due (for third party costs such as appraisal, legal, title, underwriting). At this point, daily communication with the borrower is then turned over to our Director of Processing, who steps in and works directly with the borrower to secure all additional underwriting documents needed for a successful funding.

The reason we go through this three-stage process is to maximize the likelihood for the borrower of getting all the way through the underwriting process and ultimately securing the money they are seeking. See our recently published article, In the Red Zone —Getting your deals across the finish line by avoiding common obstacles,” that outlines this process. I don’t like to take anyone’s hard earned money for third party costs until I am confident we can fund the loan.

For more information, please contact Dan Page at or by phone at 303-938-8280.